Band of Brothers

Boot Camp isn’t just an event. It’s not just a four day reflection on a really great book (“Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge). The Boot Camp experience represents a fundamental shift in lifestyle…at least it does for the guys of Boot Camp Northwest/BCNW who make the weekend camps happen.

One of the most important, absolutely critical, aspects of this 10+ year journey for us BCNW men has been community. Living life as part of a band of brothers – a group of men committed to seeing Jesus’ life fill themselves and their families – is the main thing that has kept us going – kept us together – through the years.

There is so much to say on the topic, that a Web page seems like a poor place to even try, but we’re working on a short video clip to give a sense of flavor to our own walk as a Band of Brothers.

In the meantime, however, let us suggest two things. First, if you are interested in being connected to a band of brothers in your area, we have created a way for you to get connected. Please fill out this form and we will help you do that as well as start a band of brothers if there is not one near you.

Band of Brothers Connect

Also, If you are interested in findingsome excellent group materials produced by Ransomed Heart. A great way to start a Band of Brothers is to offer showings of these DVDs at a series of evening events at your church building. A really common experience is to see a big crowd of guys on the first night that dwindles over the first four or five episodes to the short list – the men who are serious about doing life differently…and these are the men you want to journey with.

We’re very open about our own journey as the men of the Boot Camp Northwest ministry – if you ever want to connect, let us know at [email protected] / 206.200.2250. Until then, it would be our honor to meet you at one of the two boot camps we offer each year. Our EVENTS page has more on the camps, and is updated regularly.