Do You Really Want To Be King?

John —  March 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

kingNat Iwata, one of our alumnus is a remarkable artist. We have loved witnessing him father his 3 young boys through his art and photos. He is a really good papa. Nat recently shared a poem and sketch inspired interactions with his boys. It really illustrated how we all struggle with wanting to be in a different stage of the masculinity journey than the one God is currently taking us through. I (John) asked a few of our kings in the Bootcamp NW fellowship what being a King means to them. Here are a few of the responses: A king’s heart must be unselfish, willing to sacrifice his own feelings and desires for those he serves. He serves others and a cause far greater than himself.  He speaks truth no matter how unpopular it might be.

Nat’s poem is both innocent as well as haunting. It reminds us that our own Papa knows what we need, when we need it. What stage is he taking you through at this moment? Are you open to his initiation, instruction and very often humility? The truth is as men we all should desire to be a king one day. A king just like the greatest King who gave everything for those he loved.



  • Chris Skaggs

    I heard somebody once say “If you want to be a king then you don’t understand what it mans to be a king.” – at least a good one.
    I heard another guy say “A good king will draw you to God. A bad king will drive you to God.”

    In all of that I refer to a profound rule of Morgan Snyder’s journey – Character before kingdom. If we insist that God not “bless” us with more power and authority than our character can handle then we ought to be OK…it’ll likely take a lot longer but the world will be better for your influence and not bruised by the it.