A Moment In The Woods

John —  March 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

When was the last time you just sat still in the woods?  Over the last ten years we have heard from so many guys who have taken up our guidance to make it a habit to spend at least one day alone with God a couple times a year. What they have reported back is that it has made all difference.

When life throws us multiple problems and our schedules fill up we say we are too busy to take an extended day to unplug. But really each of us that makes the choice to disengage with the world and re-engage with God, come away blessed. Jesus made it a practice even at the height of his ministry to steal away with his Father. Watch this video and think of the last time you sat alone in the woods. If you never have, give it a try. You will come away changed.

a Forest Year from motionkicker on Vimeo.



  • http://twitter.com/cryptopur Chris Skaggs

    I have to say – making DAWG days a regular thing is one of the best things I ever learned. Where I grew up we would occasionally get this combination of snow and fog that was totally blinding. You can’t see anything! But you can’t just park out on the Rim all night either or you’d freeze to death.

    The only way to move forward was by listening.

    If you stopped, rolled down the window and listened really hard you could actually hear your way through the fog bank.

    DAWG days are like that – a way to stop and deliberately listen to the Father…whatever he might have to say. When life is dog OK, it’s an uncommon joy. When life is crazy – it’s just plain survival.